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Schools with Affiliations

School affiliation is a tradition in Singapore. The entry requirements for affiliates are lower compared to those from non-affiliated primary schools. Secondary schools give affiliated primary school pupils priority admission to foster a strong school spirit and continue the school tradition.

There is a recent update on this. 20% of places in all secondary schools with affiliated primary schools are to be set aside for students who do not benefit from affiliation priority by 2019. The new rule was announced on 27 March 2017. (news link)

Finally, we compiled a list of secondary school with affiliations.

List of secondary schools with affiliations:

Secondary school Affiliated with
1  ANGLO-CHINESE SCHOOL (BARKER ROAD)  Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
2  ANGLO-CHINESE SCHOOL (INDEPENDENT)  Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
3  CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL  Catholic High School (Primary)
6  CHIJ ST JOSEPH’S CONVENT  CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity, CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel
8  CHIJ ST THERESA’S CONVENT  CHIJ (Kellock), CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace
9  FAIRFIELD METHODIST SCHOOL (SECONDARY)  Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)
10  GEYLANG METHODIST SCHOOL (SECONDARY)  Geylang Methodist School (Primary)
11  HOLY INNOCENTS’ HIGH SCHOOL  Holy Innocents’ Primary School
12  KUO CHUAN PRESBYTERIAN SECONDARY SCHOOL  Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School
13  MANJUSRI SECONDARY SCHOOL  Maha Bodhi School, Mee Toh School
14  MARIS STELLA HIGH SCHOOL  Maris Stella High School
15  METHODIST GIRLS’ SCHOOL (SECONDARY)  Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
16  MONTFORT SECONDARY SCHOOL  Montfort Junior School
17  NANYANG GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL  Nanyang Primary School
18  NGEE ANN SECONDARY SCHOOL  Ngee Ann Primary School
19  PAYA LEBAR METHODIST GIRLS’ SCHOOL (SECONDARY)  Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
20  SINGAPORE CHINESE GIRLS’ SCHOOL  Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School
21  ST ANDREW’S SECONDARY SCHOOL  St Andrew’s Junior School
22  ST ANTHONY’S CANOSSIAN SECONDARY SCHOOL  Canossa Convent Primary School, St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School
23  ST GABRIEL’S SECONDARY SCHOOL  St Gabriel’s Primary School
24  ST HILDA’S SECONDARY SCHOOL  St Hilda’s Primary School
25  ST JOSEPH’S INSTITUTION  De La Salle School, St Anthony’s Primary School, St Joseph’s Institution Junior, St Stephen’s School
26  ST PATRICK’S SCHOOL  De La Salle School, St Anthony’s Primary School, St Joseph’s Institution Junior, St
27  ST MARGARET’S SECONDARY SCHOOL  St Margaret’s Primary School

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