Online Interactive Classes User’s Guide

Hardware preparation

Students are adviced to use a laptop or tablet for the interactive lessons as the screen size is more proper to display our teaching context. However, using a handphone for the lesson is also not a big issue. Minimum requirements are as shown below.

Laptop / Tablet with micphone and camera CPU PC:  Intel i3 or above
Mac: Intel or above
OS PC:  Windows 7 or above
Mac: Mac OS X10.10 or above
RAM PC:  2GB or above
Mac: 4GB or above
Resolution 1280 x 720 or above
Network 2Mbps or above
iOS Device OS iOS 9.0 or above
Devices iPhone (6, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS Max), iPad: iPad5, mini4, air2, Pro or iPad Pro
Adroid Device OS Android 6.0 or above
RAM 4GB or above

Software preparation

You can search “ClassIn” and get the App from App store or download and install it from following link

Register an account

Sign up and get your account registerred using your local handphone number. A SMS with veryfication code will be received in registration process. (Your handphone number will not be disclosed. Please refer to our PRIVACY POLICY if you have any concern.)

Remeber to let teacher or admin (whatsapp to 6568846566) know your account number. Our staff will put student in the class. After that you will be able to see the classes schedule.

Get ready for your lesson

Make sure it is in working condition

Please verify and make sure microphone and camera are both working before class is started. Students are able to login to accounot and enter virtual classroom 10 minutes before class starting.

Peripherals Test in Online Interactive Classes
Win a Trophy in Online Interactive Classes

Enjoy your lesson with our top teachers

Students are able to enter the virtual classroom 10 minutes before the lesson is started.

Interactive Classes are full of fun and joy according to feedback from our online students. Come on, let’s see how many trophies you can get!

After the lesson

Check your performance and reviews from teacher

Your statistics on performance in the class will be recorded and reported to you with teacher’s comments after every lesson.

You will see it directly from your App’s interface.

Trophy in Online Interactive Classes
Lessons revise in Online Interactive Classes

Lesson review

Review your lesson by playing back the video recorded in cloud.

Don’t need to worry about forgeting what you have learnt in the lesson.

Students are able to access the video recorded during the lesson anytime and anywhere.

Don't forget your homework

Last and the most important step is to submit your homework. You may have homework after each lesson. Please be reminded to check your task list to see if there is any and submit your work on time. Teacher will mark your work before the next lesson.

Homework Assignment in Online Interactive Classes

Have you registered ClassIn account?

Update us with your account now.

We will put you into the virtual class once received your account. Feel free to let us know if anything is not clear. We will be always here assist you!

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