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  • Coached by top teachers
  • Highly qualified tuition teachers coach individual students based on his/her learning needs
  • Every student is taken good care of and given enough guidance in our small group tuition
  • Students are given customised questions as homework when needs arise
  • Students are motivated in learning from high quality tuition classes and gain confidence and interest in learning
  • The best value for money: engage top tutors at an affordable rate
  • Improve result in the most effective way
  • Students are more confident and interested in studies

Ms Chen (tutorchen)

Top Tutor in Maths & Physics

Ms Chen is a former teacher from Raffles Girls School (RGS) and a well-established top tutor* in Maths and Physics. As one of our founders, she has more than 10 years experience in effectively helping students getting great improvement in their exams and competitions.

Mr Lau

Principal Mathematics Tutor

Our principal tutor Mr Lau is former Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) Head of Department (HOD) of Mathematics. With solid teaching experiences in top schools, he is the expert in helping students in A-level, O-level and IP Mathematics!

Ms Liu

Chemistry and Biology Expert

Former lecturer of top polytechnic, Ms Liu is an expert in teaching O-Level and A-level Chemistry and Biology. Holding a Master Degree, in Science (NUS), she is good at motivate student and effective in improving exam scores.

Yeo Wee Chong

Expert in Physics

Tuition by former MOE schools Head of Science Department. NIE trained, Master of Education, 25 years of experience in teaching secondary school Physics.

Result oriented high quality tuition at Future Academy

  • Skillful and experienced tutors with proven track records ( Find out more…):
    • Led by former RGS teacher Ms Chen and former HCI HOD Mr Lau
    • Tutors are former/current teachers from top IP/SAP schools/JC
    • Tutors are experienced in GEP and SBGE teaching
  • Effective small group tuition:
    • approximately 2-5 students only for typical classes
    • we keep classes size small deliberately to ensure quality teaching and learning
    • the students teacher ratio below 6:1 for all classes
    • notes and worksheets prepared every lesson base on students’ learning progress
    • extra practice questions/papers for self-practice
  • Tailored program to cater individuals’ different learning needs and we prepare differentiated notes and conduct lesson differently.
  • Ongoing progress tracking
    • we will keep track and give feedback to the parents regularly

Our stories

Student N: becomes one of top students in Physics and Math in cohort.

N is good at Humanities and Language. However, she is not confident at Sciences and Maths. The mother consulted our tutor at the end of Sec 2 regarding subject combination for upper sec. The tutors encourage her to take pure sciences rather than combined science. In order to make sure she can cope well, our tutor prepares special worksheets for her. With the tutor’ coaching and guidance, she is one of the top students in Physics, E Math and A Math in cohort. Her overall academic ranking in class is always among top 3.

Student WX: from almost dropped Physics to scored A2

WX is a student from a neighborhood school. He was asked to drop Physics by his school teacher at the end of Sec 3. He appealed to continue taking Physics and his mother found our tuition centre via friend’s recommendation. Our tutor designed notes and worksheets based on his needs and regularly track his progress. After having tuition at our centre for 3 months, he scored well in his exam. He said, “ It is the first time I manage to pass my Physics exam and I cannot believe that I scored a ‘A2’!”.

Student J: selected as team member International Math Olympiad Competition.

J was a student in Math Olympiad class. He was selected as a team member for an International Math Olympiad competition. After being trained under national team coach, he commented: “ I find Ms Chen at Future Academy is more effective teacher. She can explain abstract concepts using examples that I can easily understand.”

Student Si Ling: from F9 to A2

Si Ling scored F9 in her Math Prelim exam and she almost gave up her Math. After her mother found our centre via friend’s recommendation, our tutor encouraged had a talk with her and SL agreed to try her best for O level Math paper. The tutor prepared her a Day-to-Day revision package as her homework, and went through with her question by question. She eventually scored a A2 in Mathematics and managed to get into her dream course in Polytechnic.

More information can be found here: Testimonials

Significant improvement

NameImprovement/Achievements of Tutees
Si LingFrom F9 in prelim to A2 in O level
SarahFrom failed in exam, to A in A level Math, majored in Math in NUS
ShanicePerfect score 7 in IB Exam Math HL and Physics HL papers
JillFrom E8 in prelim to A2 in O level A Math
Gordon & Valerie


Straight As in A level
JasonFrom failed in SA2, A2 in school prelim Physics
JPlatinum awardee in The National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore ( NMO∑ )

Exam result achievement

Students improvement

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