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Discover how Future Academy's secondary math assessment book series can fuel your academic success.

"My child attends a prestigious IP school and used to struggle with maths. However, after engaging with the lesson notes and assessment questions provided by Future Academy, she has gained a deeper understanding of the concepts, and is now performing well." - Mrs Tan (satisfied parent)

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Future Academy’s one-of-its-kind secondary school math assessment book series is the perfect companion resource for G3/Express and IP students striving towards math mastery.

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Trusted resource by experienced tutors

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All-in-one resource for learning independently

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Bringing you from familiarisation to mastery

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Authored by Educators with Combined 40 Years of Teaching Experience

This assessment book is the culmination of experience of Future Academy’s two principal tutors, Ms Yvonne Chen (ex-RGS teacher, MOE scholar, and Math Olympiad gold medalist) and Mr Jason Lau (ex-HCI Math HOD, 25+ years of teaching experience). Combining their expertise, teaching methods, and knowledge of how secondary school students learn, they have crafted this math assessment book for Express/G3 and IP students in mind.

One-of-a-kind Math Revision Resource For IP Students

Assessment books in Singapore are abundant but few are designed specially for the Integrated Programme curriculum – which is what we have aimed to do in the Advanced Math book series. With questions ranging in difficulty including novel and ‘killer questions’, going through this book will bring students from familiarisation to mastery and help make that difference from A to A-star.


Comprehensive Revision Package Suitable for Self-Study

Is it just another assessment book? No, it is a complete revision package! Future Academy’s Advanced Math books includes summaries of must-know concepts, worked examples, and step-by-step solutions for students who want to consolidate their learning, sharpen their conceptual understanding, and do independent practice.

How To Get Your Copy Of Future Academy's Advanced Math Assessment Book

We are currently running a special launch offer so you can get the best bang for your buck while benefitting the most from our book AND expert guidance from our tutors! Simply sign up for any 13-lesson package at Future Academy to receive a FREE copy (any level of your choice) of Future Academy’s secondary math assessment book! T&C’s apply.

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