The Right IP Chemistry
Tuition for You

We end your frustrations in IP Chemistry with clear, targeted teaching.

Our IP Chemistry tuition brings you expert tutors from ex-IP schools in Singapore, ensuring every student receives top-notch guidance to excel in Chemistry.

Don’t settle for just any chemistry tutor. If you are looking for a IP-specific tuition programme, look no further. Our Chemistry tuition classes follow the Integrated Programme syllabus in various schools in Singapore, such as NYGH, HCI, RGS, RI, NJC, and more.

Common issues like struggles with applying formulas, difficulty getting the right keywords – we’ve seen them all! Our ex-IP teachers can guide you to better results using their experience and knowledge. So, join us in our cosy small group tuition to fire up your Chemistry grades!

About the class

Our IP Chemistry Tuition classes follow the IP syllabus topics and depth that is expected in an Integrated Programme school, such as RGS, RI, NYGH, HCI, RVHS, NJC, CHS, ACSI, etc.

We also have some school-specific classes that can follow the specific school syllabus and pace even more closely.

  • Experimental Chemistry
  • The Particulate Nature of Matter
  • Stoichiometry
  • Chemistry of Reactions
  • Periodicity
  • Atmosphere
  • Organic Chemistry

Class frequency: Every week

Class duration: 2 hours

Tuition fees: $480 per 4 lessons

Classes are held at either our Future Academy Bukit Timah branch, Bugis branch, or online. Do check out our schedule for current course days.

We are happy to receive any student from the Integrated Programme in Singapore, e.g. from schools such as HCI, RI, NYGH, RGS, NJC, DHS, CGSS, SNGS, VS, SCGS, etc.

Join us if you are struggling with IP Chemistry, or simply want to score even better marks in it! We also prepare students with the skills and concepts to face the A level exams in JC.


Why Students & Parents Love Us


Effective and Engaging Small Classes

We’ve found that 6 students to 1 teacher is a very comfortable class size to maximise engagement rates and learning effectiveness. Students will get individual guidance and plenty of chances to consult their tutor and ask questions to clear their doubts.

Targeted Towards Your Needs

We recognise the unique challenges every student faces when it comes to IP Chemistry. Whether you need more help in organic chem, or more practice with gas-related questions, our tutors do their best to provide the help you need to understand and master the topics.

Only the Finest Chemistry Tutors

Our tutors are accredited graduates, NIE-trained teachers, and/or ex-IP teachers, making them highly qualified to impart their Chemistry knowledge and skills to students. With their experience teaching IP students, they also understand the unique challenges presented by the IP syllabus.

Exclusive Collection of Learning Notes

From summary cheat sheets to practice papers, here at Future Academy we provide them all. Enjoy the one-stop learning experience where you can learn, practice, and revise with our accessible materials, helping you save time when studying too!

Results speak louder than words.

Time and again, our students have told us they enjoy our lessons and have improved in their grades because of it. Want to experience it for yourself? Join us!

Recommended by parents and students

I write here to say thank you to Chemistry tutor Ms Liu. Your class is so interesting. We all enjoy it more and more. Appreciate all your effort in preparing materials. Need to mention, my grade surprised me!

– Justine Tam

Ms Avery Ong is very passionate and patient in teaching Chemistry. I enjoy her lessons very much. The classrooms are nice and clean too.

– Harry Nguyen

My son enjoys his Science tuition with Ms Liu very much here. After joining her class, my son’s grade have improved from B2 to A1. Many thanks!

– Coco Low

FREE Sample Lesson Notes

Many tuition providers talk all sales and don’t give you a clue about how their lessons look like, until you enrol and sit in a class. Not here! Feel free to browse through our sample lessons notes and use it for your revision. If you like what you see, perhaps we may be the right fit for you. 😉

Lesson sneak peek

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