Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry Tuition Classes

O-Level Chemistry / IP Chemistry Tuition:

  • Sec 3 Chemistry Tuition
  • Sec 4 Chemistry Tuition (Pure Chemistry)

A-Level Chemistry Tuition:

  • JC 1 Chemistry Tuition
  • JC 2 Chemistry Tuition

Our advantages:

  • A team of best Chemistry tuition teachers
    • led by former lecturer of top polytechnic, Ms Liu
    • Master of Science holder
  • Most effective learning approach
    • restricted students/teachers ratio to make sure every students will get sufficient guidance
    • high quality notes and worksheets for every tuition class
    • specially prepared teaching materials to tailor to students’ learning needs

Motivational Chemistry tuition

Our Chemistry classes are always full of fun and enjoyable. Furthermore, our teacher’s well-planned presentation influences and motivates students to study hard.  As a result of endless effort our top teachers put in, students will master all the key points with exploring the interesting of Chemistry.

Chemistry is everywhere. It is important for students to understand its necessity and its nature of change and exception.  Our students will be taught and able to hone their ability to apply the scientific concepts they have learnt and their problem solving skills.

Our tutors are all very experienced ex-MOE teachers and lecturers. Therefore, they are very familiar with the requirements and good at acing  the exams. Through a well-planned and holistic teaching approach, our tutors are definitely more than able to guide through the fundamentals of the subject and then on to more complex questions. Students will be provided with a vast variety well-curated and customised resources based on their specific needs and areas of improvement. While the different question types and scenarios will train students to think critically and be exam ready.

All Chemistry Classes

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