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Best Chemistry Tutors

We only engage the best tuition teacher at Future Academy Tuition Centre. All the tutors need to pass our strict selection process.
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6:1 Students to Teacher Ratio

We keep maximum students to teacher ration at 6:1 to provide you ample guidance and differentiated learning matching with abilities.
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Results Driven Teaching

Detailed in tracking learning progress for our students to ensure the achievement of their desired academic results. We help you stay ahead of peers!
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High Qaulity Notes and Worksheets

Cutomized tuition notes and worksheets are designed and provided to cater to student's needs for every tuition class.

Chemistry Tuition is Important

Chemistry is an important subject at Secondary and JC levels. Not only because chemistry is everywhere in our daily lives, but also it is a bridge between physics and biology. Most importantly, it is a pre-requisite to some of the most sought after courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy etc. Therefore, at Future Academy, we focus on students’ examination performance achievement and abilities development. Students under our guidance are able to hone their ability to excel results in examinations, meanwhile, applying the scientific concepts and their problem solving skills they have learnt. You can find O level chemistry tuition, IP chemistry tuition and A level chemistry tuition class at Future Academy.

Our Chemistry Tuition Help You Stay Ahead of Peers

At Future Academy, we provide top quality O level chemistry tuition, IP Chemistry tuition and A level Chemistry tuition service. Our Chemistry tuition teachers are all top qualified ex-MOE teachers and lecturers. In other words, they are the best that familiar with the requirements and good at acing the exams. Through a well-planned and holistic teaching approach, our tutors are good at guiding through the fundamentals of the subject and then on to more complex questions. As a result, a lot of former students have gone on to excel academically at top JCs and universities.

Students Exam Performance Shows Everything

With our effective tuition, our students are consequently getting better and better results. Check out some of these exam papers below. Join us now and achieve as good result as what they have done!

Come and join us, learn with our top level tutors!

Students will be coached by Ms Liu, top polytechnic lecturer, master of science; Mr Wong, NYGH and ACSI teacher; Dr Yeo, NUS lecturer.

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Motivational Chemistry tuition

Our Chemistry classes are always full of fun and enjoyable. Furthermore, our teacher’s well-planned presentation influences and motivates students to study hard.  As a result of endless effort our top teachers put in, students will master all the key points with exploring the interesting of Chemistry.

6:1 Students to tutor ratio Small Group Tuition Class

Our Chemistry tuition provides O Level chemistry tuition, IP chemistry tuition class and A level chemistry tuition service. 2-hour weekly tuition classes, with 6:1 students teacher ratio, customized notes for differenciated learning.

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