Testimonial for Ms Yvonne Chen

As one of top Mathematics and Physics tutors in Singapore, Ms Chen recieved a lot of testimonials and thanks letters. Here are some of.

The techniques learnt are particularly useful

Testimonial for General Paper tutor Mr KP Chuah. Join our General Paper tuition class to learn techniques that help you to answer essay questions accurately.

2018 O-Level Result Staticstics

Future Academy’s Tutors are exceptional. Very talented, dedicated and supportive to their students.

Greeting card for Chemistry Tutor Ms Ng

With your wacky ( in a good sense ) and quirky attitude, lesson time was never boring or dull. I came to love Chemistry even though I might not be doing so well in it.

Distinction in A level H2 Math exam

Mr Lau is patient teacher who is always willing to help out. He is able to convey complex mathematical concepts effectively and simplify them, allowing us to understand the concepts easily.

Students greeting cards

Mr Lau is a caring and patient teacher, who always believes in the potential of his students, working with them step by step to build up their foundation in Mathematics.

Made Math a more enjoyable subject

Mr Lau is always patient in explaining difficult concepts to us. He is also a dedicated tutor who replies to students’ questions over Whatsapp quickly. Overall, he has made Math a more enjoyable subject for me.

H2 Math from U to A within a year

Mr Lau is a caring and patient teacher, who always believes in the potential of his students, working with them step by step to build up their foundation in Mathematics.

O Level Math: from fail to distinction

Ms Chen is a patient and caring teacher with rich experience in teaching Mathematics. I have greatly benefited from her clear explanations of  mathematical concepts and achieve significant improvements in my results from F9 to B3  (Additional Maths) and C5 to A2 (E. Maths).

IB Physics: from B3 to A1 in six weeks

She is a very passionate teacher who has helped me improve my grade from a B3 to an A1 in 6 Weeks (1 lesson per week ). She gives challenging questions that has given me a wider exposure to the different types of tricky and challenging examination questions. I would definitely recommend her as a tutor to anyone.

Enriching, Interesting and Enjoyable Tuition Classes with Ms Chen

Great improvement under Ms Chen’s coaching. Ms Chen is very patient and helpful and encouraging. Tuition classes with Ms Chen were really enriching, interesting and enjoyable

Highly Qualified Excellent Teacher

India has quickly advanced through the sets at her school and, just as pleasing for me, has developed a real enthusiasm and confidence for maths.



li li

li li

3 months ago via Google

Excellent and all rounded tuition center. They are extremely helpful and do their best to help you whatever problem you have. The teacher are very kind and patient. I would definitely recommend them.



5 months ago via Google

I have been attending tuition here since 2016. My teacher Ms Chen has been a very inspiring and helpful tutor. My grades improved and I can understand Math concepts much better now. Facilities are good and there are many resources. I highly recommend this tuition centre.

Nguyen Lonh

Nguyen Lonh

a week ago via Google

i have just just joined this tuition centre for 4 months and just this SAI 1 skyrocketed from a D grade to a high B and not only that tuition teachers are approachable and friendly with fun lessons yet effective in many ways

nguyen long

nguyen long

a week ago via Google

future academy is really awesome with one of the highest ranked tutors of Singapore future academy provides effective learning techniques with fun and enjoyable lessons

Janice Choy

Janice Choy

2 weeks ago via Google

Although I have only been in this tuition for a year, I have seen significant improvement in my math results. Definitely recommend you to join too.

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