2018 O-Level Result Staticstics

Congratulations our students receiving good result! Here is a statistics from 2018 O-Level examination result. Subject Pass(%) Distinction(%) Mathematics 100 95.2 Additional Mathematics 100 90.5 English 100 100 Chemistry 100 95 Biology 100 85.7 Physics 100 90.5 Humanities 100 100 Here are some of the testimonial from students’ parents: From Justin’s mum, her child improved [...]

Greeting card for Chemistry Tutor Ms Ng

You've really made lessons interesting, I mean with your wacky ( in a good sense ) and quirky attitude, lesson time was never boring or dull. I came to love Chemistry even though I might not be doing so well in it. -- Sophia Thank you for helping me to develop a deeper understanding of [...]

Distinction in A level H2 Math exam

Testimonial from HCI student H2 Maths Tuition class. Mr Lau is patient teacher who is always willing to help out. He is able to convey complex mathematical concepts effectively and simplify them, allowing us to understand the concepts easily. Overall, he has made math a more enjoyable and interesting subject. You will be the next [...]

Students greeting cards

Mr Jason Lau, former Hwa Chong Institution(HCI) Head of Department of Mathematics, shared with us some of his cards from students. Mr Lau, you're a true tutor who has taught me great things beside maths. I will always remember your advice and inspiring words. Mr Lau is a caring and patient teacher, who always believes [...]

Made Math a more enjoyable subject

Mr Lau is always patient in explaining difficult concepts to us. He is also a dedicated tutor who replies to students' questions over Whatsapp quickly. Overall, he has made Math a more enjoyable subject for me. Mr Lau has made Math a more enjoyable subject. Want to be coached by Mr Lau? Limited seats are [...]

H2 Math from U to A within a year

Mr Lau is a caring and patient teacher, who always believes in the potential of his students, working with them step by step to build up their foundation in Mathematics. His method of rationalizing mathematical concepts has made it easier for me to understand and apply mathematical concepts, allowing me to improve from U to [...]

O Level Math: from fail to distinction

Xuan Ming was a student in our centre last year. He was weak in both E Math and A Math starting from beginning of secondary school. With the coach from our centre's tutor, he managed to score a distinction in E Math and B3 in A Math in his O level. As one of the [...]

IB Math: from B3 to A1 in six weeks

Theyva was referred to me by her brother who is my tutee for IB Math. Although she was with me for tuition for six weeks only, she has shown great improvement in Physics and managed to score very well in her end of year exam. Here is her testimonial: "Ms Chen in a knowledgeable and [...]

Enriching, Interesting and Enjoyable Tuition Classes with Ms Chen

Congratulations to Shanice! She scored 7 under tutor chen's coaching, which is the perfect score, in her IB Physics Exam in November 2014. I was informed by her this Monday when the results were released and feel so happy for her! Well done Shanice! All the best to you in application to top universities. –Ms [...]

Highly Qualified Excellent Teacher

Fran is the mother of my tutee, whom has been improved to TOP student in her class now. Testimonial from Fran "Ms Chen has taught my thirteen year old daughter, India, for almost a year now during which time India’s Maths has improved rapidly. India has quickly advanced through the sets at her school and, just [...]

Excellent Teacher plus Productive Tuition

“Ms. Chen ensured that the time spent was productive. She is patient and her explanations are clear. ” “Ms. Chen is, no doubt, an excellent teacher.” – Sarah Ms. Chen is, no doubt, an excellent teacher. Want to know more about our High Quality Small Group Tuition? Check with us now to enroll in teaching [...]

Significant Improvement under Guidance

Significant improvement from D7 to B3 under guidance of tutor Chen. “I only managed to get a D7 for my Mathematics. Under her guidance, I managed to score a B3 in my O level examinations. This is a great achievement for me.” – Siling future academy maths improvement. siling testimonial Want to know more about [...]

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