The Best of Online and Onsite Learning. Do it Your Way.

Enjoy a future-forward tuition experience in our smart classroom – either online or onsite.

Real-time classes with experienced tutors.
New generation digital-age learning.


Our classes always take place ‘LIVE’, allowing both online and onsite students real-time and two-way interaction with our subject experts.


Smart screens and virtual classroom platform bridges online and onsite learners seamlessly, enabling all to enjoy digital tools for effective learning.


Head down to class if you study better in a classroom. Tune in from home on days you feel unwell. Say yes to more power in your hands!


Every hybrid tuition class is recorded, even if you attend physically. Review classes quickly and conveniently any time, anywhere.

Our Hybrid Tuition Format

How Our Hybrid Classes Work

Our “hybrid classes” combine both online and onsite learning, where learners both at home and in class will tune in to the virtual classroom platform. The tutor will be onsite, teaching ‘live’ to the students in class. Both online and onsite students can participate by collaborating on the digital whiteboards, taking part in discussions, and consulting their tutor for help.

Flexible Learning for the Digital Age

Today’s students are growing up in a digital world, where many of their learning tasks like note-taking, communication, and research takes place online. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that the digital transformation is here to stay.

So, rather than going back to traditional ways of physical classes and removing our online classes, we thought, why not give students the choice? Those who prefer online classes can attend our online tuition classes or hybrid tuition class. Those who prefer face-to-face classes can still attend tuition at any of our centres.

To facilitate our new hybrid classes, we have installed smart screens in classrooms and trained our tutors on ways they can maximise the new medium. Softcopy notes, virtual whiteboards, online polls, and more – students can harness the possibilities and conveniences, no matter where they are.

What Students are Saying

Want convenience? Want quality learning?

Join us in our interactive tuition classes to get the best of both worlds. Pick a timing from our online class schedule or enquire with us about how our classes work.

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