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Help your child overcome mathematics with clear and concise primary school math tutoring.

We develop students' abilities and speed to tackle primary school and PSLE Maths with less stress and fear.

Word problems? Not a problem! PSLE Math is notorious for its challenging and tricky questions that stump even adults. However, primary school students can be capable of solving these questions as long as they know how to approach novel questions and employ various techniques to problem-solve.

From drawing models to working backwards, these are just some of the mathematical heuristics that primary school students need to know. We provide plenty of guidance, explanation, and practice so that these skills become second-nature, helping them arrive at solutions even quicker. Now, you and your child no longer have to fear PSLE Math!

About the class

Future Academy’s Primary School Math Tuition class equips students with the skills and concepts necessary to meet the requirements at the PSLE Math examination syllabus in Singapore.

Number & algebra

  • Whole numbers
  • Mathematical operations
  • Money

Measurement & geometry

  • Length
  • Time
  • Shapes


  • Picture graphs

Class frequency: Every week

Class duration: 1.5 hours (P1-P3) / 2 hours (P4-P6)

Tuition fees (per 4 lessons): $300 (P1-P3) / $400 (P4-P6)

Parents and students may select their preferred venue and timeslot from our two branches or available online classes.

We take in primary school pupils who will be taking the PSLE Math exam in Singapore in primary 6.

Students who are already strong in math, and wish to take their math skills further may consider our DSA / Math Olympiad Training Course instead.


4 Benefits of Tuition with Us


Fun-filled and Cosy Small Groups

We create a safe and cosy environment for learning, through small group tuition (not more than 6 students). Here, your child is welcome to ask all the questions they need and receive timely help and feedback on their work. This is something not possible in mainstream schools where teachers have to manage up to 40 students in a class!

Shaped According to Your Needs

When our tutors observe a student who needs more help in a particular topic, we can adjust learning based on their needs. Be it providing extra practice, dedicating a longer time in class to explain it, or the occasional one-on-one consultation, we are committed to helping each and every student achieve good progress.

Be Guided by Expert Math Tutors

Look no further for qualified and trusted good primary school math tutors in Singapore. Our tutors include NIE-trained and long-time tutors who are familiar with the intricacies of the PSLE Math syllabus. Besides, they are great with kids and know the best ways to help children understand difficult concepts and topics.

Helpful & Comprehensive Resources

You don’t have to buy a ton of assessment books, as we also provide practice worksheets and notes to supplement your child’s learning. Either compiled or designed by our tutors at Future Academy, we ensure the highest quality materials that will benefit your child and propel them to perform better.

Celebrating your successes

We are just as happy as you are when your child finally shows that leap of improvement! So many students have shared moments like this with us – we can’t wait to share in your joy too!

Recommended by parents and students

I have been attending Math tuition at Future Academy for quite a while, and I have seen my grades improve significantly. The teaching and learning is very customised with the small group classes, and my tutor Ms Chen made learning Math enjoyable. I recommend attending this tuition centre.

– Chloe Saw

I like future academy as I find the class very engaging and fun. I received a lot of worksheets each day for every subject and the teacher explains the solutions with very clear explanation for every hard word problems. Yvonnen is a very good teacher and she teaches math very well. She takes every effort to teach each and every student until they master the chapter. She teach us very good tactics to tacle hard questions. Thus when we go for exam and we struggle in a question we could use the tactics she thought us in class and we would definitely would be able to solve the question. This centre is amazing.

– Jitesh Arunkumar

Future Academy really help my daughter alot in her maths, she is now more confident in class and not hate maths anymore. would definately recommend friends to FA! Keep up the good jobs tutors!

– Jackie Lu

FREE Sample Lesson Notes

Many tuition providers talk all sales and don’t give you a clue about how their lessons look like, until you enrol and sit in a class. Not here! Feel free to browse through our sample lessons notes and use it for your revision. If you like what you see, perhaps we may be the right fit for you. 😉

Lesson sneak peek

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