Why Choose Us?

Our Highly Qualified Tutors

We are a group of passionate, enthusiastic, highly qualified and experienced teachers from top MOE/IP schools.

Our team’s common mission is to focus on delivering high quality tuition to empower your child’s future.

Our tutors comprise:

  • Top Tutors* in Singapore
  • Top MOE/IP Schools Teachers
  • Former Head of Department (HOD) in MOE/IP schools
  • Top JC Lecturer
  • International Olympiad Gold Medalist Coach
  • Singapore Math Olympiad Gold Medalist
  • MOE scholars from Top Schools
  • NUS Science Faculty Dean’s Lister
  • Ex A-STAR Scholar
  • Master Degree Holders
  • 100% Experienced Teachers

*ranked by theasianparent.com

Know more about our tuition teachers?

At Future Academy Tuition Centre, we only engage top level teachers as our tutors. Our tutors being led by our principal tutors Mr Lau (ex-Hwa Chong Institution Head of Department of Math) and Ms Chen (ex-Raffles Girls’ School teacher), are all highly qualified for classes they are teaching. They are all  from TOP MOE/IP schools,  and/or with solid teaching background. With proven track records, high quality tuition is guaranteed at Future Academy.

Private Group Tuition Advantage

Private group tuition refers to a tuition conducted by a professional tutor with more than one student. At Future Academy we strictly control the student to teacher ratio under 6:1. That is to ensure every students in our classroom will be given enough attention and guidance to meet individual needs. 

Let’s compare the differences between private group tuition, home tuition and big group tuition.

Advantages of Private Group Tuition compared to Private Home Tuition:

  • More cost effective
  • Tuition Centres provides systematic materials, i.e. notes and worksheets
  • Usually Full-Time Tutors who are more committed to their profession
  • Proper room set-up with relevant equipment for more conducive learning
  • Allows children to share knowledge and have fruitful discussion
  • Encourage children to interact and collaborate
  • Positive competition to push the students to do well
  • Effective time management – Study shows children with private tuition tends to pay less attention in school as they think they can always make-up with their private tutors
  • One’s question maybe another’s unknown riddle – Having no questions doesn’t mean that a person knows everything. It might just mean that he has not encountered any opportunities yet regarding the subject. In a Group Tutor, questions raised by other students are already an additional learning for some.

Advantages of Private Group Tuition compared to Big Group Tuition:

  • Tutors are able to cater to individual needs of students
  • Less distraction compared to when there are too many students in the class
  • Tutors know the students very well and track students’ progress regularly

After considering all pros and cons of small private group tuition and private home tuition, most students find small private group tuition might suit their needs more.

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Our Approach

We offer private group Mathematics tuition, Physics tuition, Biology tuition, Chemistry tuition and Chinese tuition.

Every lesson, there will be notes and worksheets given to students to reinforce learning and/or consolidate learning.

In private groups, tutors are able to know their students very well, i.e. what topics he/she is good at, what skills he/she needs to improve on. Tutors are able to give advice to them and help them more effectively.

With ongoing student progress tracking, both parents and students will be given constant feedback from tutors. They are also encouraged to contact the centre should they have any queries on the tutee’s progress.

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