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10 Ways We Help You Reach Your Study Goals

Matching you with SG's Top Tutors

Our tutor team is helmed by former RGS teacher Ms Yvonne Chen and former HCI Math HOD Mr Jason Lau, and includes ex-MOE teachers, grads from top-ranking unis, and educators with Masters and PhD related to the subjects they teach.

Tuition Class for IP Students

Focusing on concepts and skills

Tests these days are no longer about content knowledge and memorisation, but about concepts and skills. Join us to hone your abilities in answering techniques and conceptual understanding through practice and feedback.

Keeping track of your progress

You don’t have to wait until a test or exam to find out how you are doing. Our tutors keep in close communication with parents to provide feedback on areas for improvement and advice for further actions.

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Former HCI HOD Mr Lau Hock Soon tuition

Keeping class sizes small

We like keeping things cosy here at Future Academy, which is why our student to teacher ratio is capped at 6:1. What this means for you is fewer distractions and more chances to get individual guidance from your tutor.

A personalised approach

Our tutors treat each student as an individual to identify their strengths and weaknesses in each topic. Sometimes this might mean customising worksheets to their level of confidence or giving them more one-on-one consultations.


Advancing with the times

We are always trying to improve the learning experience for our students, which recently includes offering online and hybrid learning classes. Our classrooms are now equipped with smart boards for seamless digital and in-person learning!

Using tried and proven methods

Most of our students see improvements as soon as in their next school test or exam. Some of them jump from F to A within months. Of course, this comes with hard work too, but we can show you how to do it.

Offering convenient options to learn

Choose from 3 branches located near to MRTs and top schools – Bugis, Bukit Timah, or Braddell – or learn from anywhere via the virtual online tuition platform. Lockdown? No problem. Your learning, your choice!


Tutors who inspire and support

We are not just tutors, but educators with a passion for motivating youths. We do not believe in harsh punishments or scare tactics, but strive to spark a love for learning by being friendly, approachable, and energetic.

Engaging and interactive classes

No one wants to do hours and hours of rote memorisation or the same practice questions. We keep things lively by having class discussions, activities, friendly competitions, and more. Learning can be fun!

Learn from our expert tutors in Singapore

Ms Chen (tutorchen)

Top Tutor in Maths & Physics

Ms Chen is a former teacher from Raffles Girls School (RGS) and a well-established top tutor in Maths and Physics. As one of our founders, she has more than 10 years experience in effectively helping students getting great improvement in their exams and competitions.

Mr Lau

Principal Mathematics Tutor

Mr Lau Hock Soon (Jason) is former Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) Head of Department (HOD) of Mathematics. With solid teaching experiences in top schools, he is the expert in helping students in A-level, O-level and IP Mathematics!

Chew Kok Mun

Physics Expert

Mr Chew Kok Mum has more than 20 years’ experience in teaching A/O levels, CIE Physics and IB Physics with numerous students from HCI, RI, ACJC, VJC, TPJC, TJC, AJC, CJC etc.

Mr Foo

Chemistry and Science

As former level head at Raffles Girls’ School, Mr Christopher Foo is a specialist in teaching Chemistry and Lower Secondary Science. He is NIE trained and with Master Degree in Life Sciences.

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