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JC Physics Tuition Experience

Want to get better A level Physics grades? Jump right in.

We help students accelerate their study process with expert tutoring covering H2 Physics topics from thermodynamics to waves.

Students who think physics is a dry and boring topic have probably never experienced one of Future Academy’s JC Physics Tuition classes before. We can’t run away from the formulas, but we can make them more fun to learn, and so much easier to remember.

Here, you can finally get the explanations that your teachers didn’t have time to give in school. With our small group classes and some of the best physics tutors in Singapore, this is the best place to hone your understanding of the physical world and score better A level Physics grades!

About the class

Our teaching topics are aligned to the A level H2 physics exam syllabus in Singapore.

  • Newtonian Mechanics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Oscillations and Waves
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Modern Physics

Class frequency: Every week

Class duration: 2 hours

Tuition fees: $560 per 4 lessons

Choose your location from our 2 convenient centres at Bukit Timah & Bugis!

All JC students from any school in Singapore are welcome: HCI, RI, NJC, EJC, ACJC, etc.

Our classes are geared towards students preparing for the H2 Physics A level exam.

We also offer H1 Physics tuition on a case-by-case basis. Do enquire with us to know more about our H1 Physics tuition!


Why parents & students love us


Engaging & Fun Small Group Learning

Benefit from the wonders of small group tuition, kept to a ratio of 6:1 for all our classes. You will find higher engagement rates and easier access to asking your tutor questions, learning through peer discussion, and individual guidance.

Tailored Approach For Efficient Learning

Failing physics, or want to excel with flying colours? Future Academy offers classes catered to learners of varying abilities to suit your pace and interest. Get the help that will benefit you the most, while challenging you enough to spur improvement.

Led By Top JC Physics Tutors in Singapore

Receive guidance directly from our head tutor, former RGS teacher and experienced tutor in Physics and Math. Backed up by extreme familiarity with the syllabus and a solid track record of helping students improve, our tutor will ensure you are in good hands.

Access to In-house Learning Materials

Streamline your study process with our tailor-made notes and worksheets, for your convenience. These are exclusively prepared by our tutors to suit the needs of students like you, without the need to spend excessively on assessment books.

Learn effectively, see the results.

Good teaching brings good results. Nothing delights us more than seeing our students being satisfied with their learning and academic achievements! Let us do the same for your JC Physics grades. Join us today!

Recommended by parents and students

Thanks Yvonne Chen for helping me in the past 2 years. My physics grade improved rapidly and now keep in the first class. Appreciated your customized notes which enlightened me at the same time encouraged me as well especially at the period I was still struggling with content.

– Justine Tam

Ms Chen is a very dedicated and caring teacher. She also was a and still is a very motherly figure to me, always willing to listen and help us with our problems, even if they were not related to academics. She truly has so much passion for teaching and goes beyond the regular hours to help me and other students. I was constantly failing my Physics. I am very grateful to achieve a B for my O levels.

– Yinn Ong

I attend GP tuition at Future Academy with Mr Chuah and Physics and Math with Ms Chen at this tuition centre. Since the classes are small group, the lessons are tailored towards my needs and well-directed towards the syllabus. Learning is now much easier and more enjoyable!

– Erinn Lee

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