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JC General Paper

Find out what you’re doing wrong, and how to make it right.

Our JC GP tuition breaks down the skills and knowledge you need for the exam, in a digestible and tailor-fit manner.

A level GP is a tricky subject that many students have trouble with. Not only does it require strong writing skills, it also demands convincing argumentative abilities and general knowledge. The biggest hurdle is probably the fact that you can’t really ‘study’ for GP, unlike a content-based subject.

So, what’s the best solution? GP is best tackled with the guidance of an experienced teacher who can guide you on the techniques for writing well-crafted argumentative essays. Expect to receive plenty of feedback and personalised advice in our JC General Paper tuition, which will help you sharpen your skills to better score at the exams!

About the class

This tuition class prepares students for the A level General Paper exam in Singapore.

  • Essay writing
  • Comprehension (including summary & application question)

Class frequency: Every week

Class duration: 2 hours

Tuition fees: $560 per 4 lessons

Our centres are located in Bukit Timah (near Beauty World MRT) and Bugis (near Rochor MRT).

We teach students from all JCs in Singapore, such as HCI, RI, ACJC, NJC, EJC, etc.

Any student taking H1 GP for A levels can attend.


Feel the Future Academy difference


Conducive Small Group Learning

Bring your learning to the next level in our small group tuition classes, specially formulated to maximise engagement and interaction in class. Especially for a subject like GP, getting individual guidance from your tutor is crucial, and we ensure you get enough to benefit your learning.

Adjusted to Your Personal Needs

Everyone has different issues and needs when it comes to learning, and you are no exception. We are here to identify your specific problem areas and help you solve them, through classes and materials that are tailored to your learning progress.

Tutors Who Know Their Stuff

We hold our tutors to the highest quality of teaching. That is why our teachers are all well-qualified, with degrees or higher in their field of study, or ex-MOE and NIE-trained teachers from local schools. They are highly familiar with the exam syllabus and understand the common issues that students face.

Comprehensive Study Resources

Study notes that you will actually read. Practice papers to help you put into practice what you learnt. Practice and feedback is crucial in GP, so we ensure there’s always enough for you to hone your skills and get better after each paper.

Experience the results for yourself.

Our students are more confident at facing their JC GP exams after acquiring the skills and know-how to answer essay and comprehension questions. This often translates to better grades, too!

We've got their stamp of approval.

I attend GP tuition at Future Academy with Mr Chuah and Physics and Math with Ms Chen at this tuition centre. Since the classes are small group, the lessons are tailored towards my needs and well-directed towards the syllabus. Learning is now much easier and more enjoyable!

– Erinn Lee

Future Academy is very good tuition center. It is located in convenient place and the worksheets are really good. The teacher will go through the paper after each marking. The teachers are dedicated and clarifies the doubt and encourage the student to ask the question. And helps students with strong skills and and equip with strong academic skills.i would strongly recommend this tuition Centre

– Lalitha Selvaraj

High quality tuition! The Teachers are very knowledgable in the subject, highly qualified and teach with passion. They are also dedicated and patient. They helped me to improve by 3 grades in 6 weeks by exposing me to various types of challenging questions. I would definitely recommend them!

– Theyvarrthnah Kanagarethinam

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