Mathematics Tuition

Mathematics classes

Sec 1 to Sec 2 Mathematics Tuition
Sec 3 to Sec 4 Integrated Mathematics Tuition  (covers both A Math and E Math)
JC 1 to JC 2 H2 Mathematics /Further Mathematics Tuition
P4 – P6 DSA Math and Math Olympiad Competition Training

Our advantages:

– former famous school teachers(Raffles Girls’ School Math teacher and Hwa Chong Institution Head of Department of Math)
– small class size to make sure every student in class will get enough guidance
– worksheets and notes for every tuition class
– specially prepared teaching materials to tailor to students’ learning needs
– DSA Math/Math competition training provided by International Olympiad Gold Medalist Coach and Singapore Math Olympiad Gold Medalist
– Best Teaching Award holder

maths tuition

Our Mathematics tuition class aims to enable students to:

  • Acquire and apply mathematics concepts and skills;
  • Develop cognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem solving;
  • develop positive attitudes towards Mathematics.

Importance of building Good Foundation of Mathematics

We emphasize the importance of foundation in tuition. Mathematics is a hierarchical subject. Without understanding of pre-requisite knowledge, foundation would be weak and learning would be shallow. It is very important to build good foundation.

Customisation in Teaching

Our tutors are aware of students’ interests and abilities so as to develop learning task that are stimulating and challenging. It is important in order to engage students in learning and also to stretch them to achieve higher level learning outcomes.

Secondary Maths

  • Secondary O-Level Mathematics tuition classes are for students from secondary schools. Different levels classes are available. Please check classes description for details.
  • Secondary IP Mathematics tuition classes are for students from IP schools. Our former IP school teacher with solid teaching experience will be coaching these classes.

JC 1-2 Maths

  • JC Maths tuition for preparing A-Level exam H2 Mathematics subject. Both JC1 and JC2 classes are available. More details…
  • Future Mathematics Classes are for students who are taking H2 Further Mathematics subject. Please refer to A-Level Further Mathematics class description for details.

DSA Maths and Competition Training

All Maths Classes