Biology Tuition

Biology Tuition Classes

O-Level Biology / IP Biology Tuition:

  • Sec 3 Biology Tuition
  • Sec 4 Biology Tuition (Pure Biology)

A-Level Biology Tuition:

  • JC 1 Biology Tuition
  • JC 2 Biology Tuition

Our advantages:

  • Our Biology teaching team is led by top level tuition teachers:
    • former ACJC and NJC Biology lecturer Mr Chua
    • former lecturer of top polytechnic Ms Liu
    • former NIE trained IP school teacher
  • worksheets and notes for every tuition class
  • specially prepared teaching materials to tailor to students’ learning needs
biology tuition

Motivational Biology tuition

Our Biology classes are always full of fun and enjoyable. Furthermore, our teacher’s well-planned presentation influences and motivates students to study hard.  As a result of endless effort our top teachers put in, students will master all the key points with exploring the interesting of Biology.

Can learning biology be enjoyable ? Even with the amount of information students need to drill into their brains ? With us, it can.

Here, we emphasize the importance of both thorough understanding and on point application. Having biology students complain about the mountains of information they have to memorise for Biology has been a consistent trend. Often, this comes from a lack of thorough understanding about the topics. Thus, the only way out is to drill the information into their brains relentlessly. With this in mind, our tutors have designed their comprehensive program to have a greater emphasis on the understanding and application of scientific concepts and principles, which is what most students struggle with. Students can be rest assured that lessons here will clear their doubts and allow them to see Biology in a different light.

Our tutors’ forte is to make learning Biology as fun and as enjoyable for students as it can be and Biology lessons with us are aimed at cultivating interest in the subject and complete mastery in the basics. Better grades in Biology starts with a good foundation and thorough understanding of the topics they are learning, which is what our tutors are very focused on. Students will also be trained in analytical skills to tackle challenging questions.

All Biology Classes

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