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Deepen your appreciation and confidence in physics with the proven methods of our specialist IP Physics tutors.

Having a tough time finding the right IP Physics tuition? Some students make the mistake of joining any physics tuition class and finding the syllabus is quite different from what they do in school. That’s why we have set up dedicated IP tuition classes for physics, led by highly experienced ex-IP school teachers, former IP school students, and star tutors in Singapore.

Designed to fit right in with the IP school syllabus, we match your school’s topics and exam requirements for physics. With specific and targeted study advice, we can help you do better! Ready to power up your physics? Come join us!

About the class

Our IP Physics Tuition class follows the Integrated Programme (IP) syllabus put up by each IP school in Singapore, such as NYGH, HCI, RGS, RI, DHS, NJC, RVHS, etc.

Newtonian Mechanics

  • measurement
  • kinematics
  • dynamics
  • mass
  • weight and density
  • turning effect of forces
  • pressure
  • energy
  • work and power

Thermal Physics

  • kinetic model of matter
  • transfer of thermal energy
  • temperature
  • thermal properties of matter

  • general properties of wave
  • light
  • electromagnetic spectrum
  • sound

Electricity and Magnetism

  • Static and current electricity
  • D.C. circuit
  • practical electricity
  • magnetism
  • electromagnetism
  • electromagnetic induction

Class frequency: Every week

Class duration: 2 hours

Tuition fees: $480 per 4 lessons

Classes may be held either at our Bukit Timah branch, Bugis branch, or as online tuition. Do refer to our timetable for currently ongoing classes.

All students doing the Integrated Programme in Singapore schools can attend, e.g. students from RI, RGS, NYGH, HCI, NJC, SCGS, SNGS, CGSS, VS, CHS, etc.

We welcome those who want to improve their physics understanding and performance in the exams.


Why Parents & Students Love Future Academy


Have Fun in Interactive Small Group Tuition

Instead of lecture-style tuition, we believe in small group classes. Feel comfortable in our friendly atmosphere and ask away all the questions you have. Many students also love our classes for the interactive and clear explanations, and even have fun here!

Tailored Teaching for Better Outcomes

We aim to provide a personalised tuition experience, addressing each student’s specific needs. This may mean calibrating the teaching pace, or providing customised materials for each class. No matter what your current physics level is, we’ll help you push on for better results.

Learn Under Top Physics Experts in Singapore

Some of Singapore’s best Physics tutors teach at Future Academy, including co-founder and star Physics tutor, Yvonne Chen. Get insider tips from their subject knowledge, as well as specific advice for IP Physics requirements from ex-IP teachers.

Comprehensive and Convenient Study Notes

Our tuition classes come with study notes and worksheets that students can benefit from. No need to hunt high and low for assessment books or cheatsheets. With our high-quality materials, you can now streamline and accelerate your study progress!

Results Speak Louder than Words.

We have seen many students improve by leaps and bounds, becoming more passionate and confident in physics after attending our IP Physics tuition. Here are some of their stellar performances! Why not try it out yourself?

Recommended by parents and students

Thanks Yvonne Chen for helping me in the past 2 years. My physics grade improved rapidly and now keep in the first class. Appreciated your customized notes which enlightened me at the same time encouraged me as well especially at the period I was still struggling with content.

– Justine Tam

Ms Chen is a very dedicated and caring teacher. She also was a and still is a very motherly figure to me, always willing to listen and help us with our problems, even if they were not related to academics. She truly has so much passion for teaching and goes beyond the regular hours to help me and other students. I was constantly failing my Physics. I am very grateful to achieve a B for my O levels.

– Yinn Ong

 I attend Math and Physics tuition at Future Academy and Ms Chen makes the lessons customised and directed towards the syllabus. All classes are small groups which makes learning much easier and more enjoyable!

– Erinn Lee

FREE Sample Lesson Notes

Many tuition providers talk all sales and don’t give you a clue about how their lessons look like, until you enrol and sit in a class. Not here! Feel free to browse through our sample lessons notes and use it for your revision. If you like what you see, perhaps we may be the right fit for you. 😉

Lesson sneak peek

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