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Our advantage in Physics tuition

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Best Physics Tutors

We only engage the best tuition teacher at Future Academy Tuition Centre. All the tutors need to pass our strict selection process.
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6:1 Students to Teacher Ratio

We keep maximum students to teacher ration at 6:1 to provide you ample guidance and differentiated learning matching with abilities.
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Results Driven Teaching

Detailed in tracking learning progress for our students to ensure the achievement of their desired academic results. We help you stay ahead of peers!
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High Qaulity Notes and Worksheets

Cutomized tuition notes and worksheets are designed and provided to cater to student's needs for every tuition class.

Come and join us, learn with our top level tutors!

Students will be coached by former RGS (Raffle Girls’ School) Physics teacher Ms Chen,  former MOE schools Head of Science Department Mr Yeo, or Singapore National Team coach Ms Tao

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Motivational Physics tuition

Our Physics classes are always full of fun and enjoyable. Furthermore, our teacher’s well-planned presentation influences and motivates students to study hard.  As a result of endless effort our top teachers put in, students will master all the key points with exploring the interesting of Physics.

Enjoyable Physics Learning

Physics will no longer be considered a very dry and boring subject if you are here at Future Academy. Our top level tutors will bring this subject to life for you!

Our tutors’ effective and vivid teaching methods and styles will empower students students to gain a different perspective about Physics, consequently come to enjoy it!

Customisation in Teaching

In our small group classes, our highly experienced tutors with outstanding credentials are able to customise teaching to cater to individual student’s learning needs.

Our students are inspired to ask questions in class. As a result, students will learn from the fruitful discussion in the classes. Most noteworthy, we restrict class students/teacher ratio to make sure we can give sufficient guidance to every student.

Understand and Internalise

or the reason that students need to have strong understanding of concepts before being able to apply them effectively in questions. Our classes are designed to strengthen students’ foundation before moving on to stretch them with more stimulating and challenging questions.

Small group advantage

In order to provide best guidance to each student, we keep students to teacher ratio small in all classes. Under our guidance, students are able to apply principles and concepts in a logical, reasoned or deductive manner to a novel situation. They will understand the concepts first and then given customised practice to strengthen exam skills.

Students Exam Performance Shows Everything

With our effective tuition, our students are consequently getting better and better results. Check out some of these exam papers below. Join us now and achieve as good result as what they have done!

Our 1v6 Small Group Physics Tuition Classes

We have O Level Physics tuition class, IP Physics tuition class and A level Physics tuition class. Weekly 2-hour tuition classes, with 6:1 students teacher ratio and customized notes for differenciated learning.

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