Physics Tuition

Physics Tuition Classes

Sec 3 Physics Tuition
Sec 4 Physics Tuition (preparation class for O level Pure Physics)

Our advantages:

former Singapore National Team coach
former RGS (Raffle Girls’ School) teacher
– top tutor in Physics
– worksheets and notes for every tuition class
– small group tuition
– specially prepared teaching materials to tailor to students’ learning needs
– tutors are experienced NIE-trained teacher from TOP MOE/IP school

physics classes

Customisation in Teaching

In our small group classes, our highly experienced tutors with outstanding credentials are able to customise teaching to cater to individual student’s learning needs.

Our students are inspired to ask questions in class. They learn from the fruitful discussion in the classes of not more than 8 students.

Our students are coached to apply principles and concepts in a logical, reasoned or deductive manner to a novel situation. They will understand the concepts first and then given customised practice to strengthen exam skills.

The ultimate goals are not only to make our students excel in tests and examinations, but also to build confidence and foster interest in Physics.

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