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All you wanted in an IP Science tuition, in one place.

Get tutoring for combined science topics in the IP syllabus right here with ex-IP, former top school teachers.

Some tuition centres in Singapore don’t teach lower sec science, simply because it is tough to find teachers who can teach all three sciences (Bio, Physics, Chem) effectively. When it comes to IP Science, these tutors are even fewer. But here at Future Academy, IP students can receive good quality science tutoring services all in one place (including online).

Our reputed science tutors bring their experience of teaching at IP schools to you, ensuring we cover all the topics and requirements you need for your exams. Get specific and personalised help in our small group classes to give your grades that boost!

About the class

Get systematic tutoring through the science syllabus, following the topics taught in your school’s Integrated Programme, e.g. schools including: RI, RGS, HCI, NYGH, NJC, DHS, VS, SNGS, CHS, CGS, SCGS, etc.

We also have a few school-specific classes to offer an even closer match with your school’s syllabus.


  • Physical Properties & measurements
  • Forces, Energy, Work done
  • Transfer of Heat Energy and its Effects
  • Ray Model of Light
  • DC Electricity
  • Particulate Nature of Matter
  • Electromagnetic waves & sound


  • Chemical composition
  • Separation Techniques
  • Atoms & Molecules
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Chemical Changes

  • Living Things
  • Cells
  • Transport Systems in Living Things
  • Ecology & Ecosystems
  • Human Sexual Reproductive System
  • Human Digestive System
  • Human Circulatory System
  • Biological Molecules





Class frequency: Every week

Class duration: 2 hours

Tuition fees: $480 per 4 lessons

Opt for online science tuition or physical classes from our two centres, Bukit Timah and Bugis. Check out our class schedule here.

This class is for students in the Integrated Programme (IP) in schools such as: HCI, RI, NYGH, RGS, VS, DHS, RVHS, ACSI, etc.

We welcome you if you need help in Sec 1 and 2 Science or want to push yourself to even better academic achievements in the sciences.


Our Future Academy Promise


Benefit from Small Group Sizes

Long before restricted group sizes were a thing, we stuck to a maximum of 6 students per teacher, believing this gives students more chances to clarify their doubts, interact in class, and benefit from lessons. If this is something you like, join us now!

Tailor-fit to Every Student’s Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all tuition class. Our tutors have an eye for identifying the areas students need more help in, and can adjust lessons to match the students’ learning speed. Ultimately, our goal is to challenge and spur each student to become the best they can be.

Expert Science Tutors in Singapore

Receive guidance from former IP science teachers and science subject specialists. Our tutors have helped many students from IP schools excel in science and secure their desired subject combination, and they can do the same for you.

One-Stop Learning Materials For You

Revision has never been easier, now with the accompaniment of our tutors’ specially consolidated notes. Spanning summary sheets to practice papers, you will enjoy accessible and abundant learning resources to double up on productivity.

Results speak for itself.

Our students come to get real results, and that’s exactly what they get. See it to believe it – and why not also try it yourself? Enquire today to join us in our IP Science tuition class at Bukit Timah and Bugis.

Reviews from parents and students

My son enjoys his Science tuition with Ms Liu very much here. After joining her class, my son’s grade have improved from B2 to A1. Many thanks!

– Coco Low

Ms Avery Ong is very passionate and patient in teaching Chemistry. I enjoy her lessons very much. The classrooms are nice and clean too.

– Harry Nguyen

My daughter has been attending the lessons at Future Academy for over a year. Ms Chen and Ms Liu are very dedicated and well-versed in the subjects they teach. After attending Ms Chen’s Math class, her results improve significantly. Also, her science results has improved after attending Ms Liu’s lessons. It is a highly recommended tuition centre!

– Vanessa

FREE Sample Lesson Notes

Many tuition providers talk all sales and don’t give you a clue about how their lessons look like, until you enrol and sit in a class. Not here! Feel free to browse through our sample lessons notes and use it for your revision. If you like what you see, perhaps we may be the right fit for you. 😉

Lesson sneak peek

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