Sequence of Topics (Physics)




Sequence of Teaching Topics (from 2022)

Our tuition classes are designed to align with or be slightly ahead of the teaching sequence in school, wherever possible. However, please understand that we cannot ensure a 100% match with all schools, as some schools follow a different sequence from others.

Have you heard? We have selected classes for students in IP schools to better match their school’s curriculum and rigour of study. Enquire with us to know when our IP tuition classes are running.

Customisable Lesson Plans

Why might your child’s tuition curriculum differ from what is shown? Depending on the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the students, our tutors may allocate varying amounts of time to each topic, or go back to earlier topics during revision sessions. This is to maximise the effectiveness of their time, allowing them to spend it on what would help them most.

Want to enjoy even MORE CUSTOMISATION? To learn at your own pace, request specific topics, and receive individual attention, you may request a one-on-one class with a tutor.
* Subject to teacher and timing availability. Additional class fees apply.

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