Online Interactive Class

1v6 live classes with full interactive features

Collabration is just as easy as our classroom-based lessons at Future Academy.

Online 1v6 Interactive Live Lessons

We have implemented online interactive teaching platform to improve online learning experience. In the virtual classroom, students can interactive with teacher as in a classroom. It’s different from virtual conference software, our platform is especially from online tuition equipped with features to ease class interactions. Back from the Circuit Breaker period, quite a number of our students prefer our online classes because of the good experience.

What is online interactive tuition

Live stream lessons with full interactive features

  • weekly 2-hour live stream coaching lessons
  • virtual classroom full of functions
  • full interactive features just like learning in classroom
  • support all platforms PC/MacOS/iPad/Handphone

Coached by the best teacher!

  • same teacher as offline classes, always learn with the best teachers
  • with teacher’s guidance using interactive tools, online lesson will be just like studying in the classroom


Full of interactive features just like learning in the classroom
Videos are saved for lesson review


Save your valuable time and keep your child safe from COVID-19
Study at your convenience


Online class schedule follows current classroom schedule
New classes are also available


Install ClassIn Application
Register account and start your lessons as scheduled

Our Teaching Platform

Engaging lessons go Live

Our interactive online class is equipped with full interactive features, it’s full of fun and joy. You only need to

  1. install ClassIn app from AppStore
  2. register account
  3. let us know your account
  4. be ready for your class following current schedule

Another era of Online Tutoring

This a another era of online tutoring in Singapore compared with boring online video conference. Our interactive tuition classes are full of interactions between teacher and students. Students are suprisingly engaged by the interactive tools teacher used during the lesson. For instance, they are interested in seizing an opportunity to answer questions, winning more trophies as well as finishing work using small drawing board etc. Why not trying it out now? Here are some screenshots showing how students are engaged in our classes.

What Students are Saying

Trying out our Online Tuition Classes NOW!

It is engaging and intersting like playing a game.

Our interactive classes bring students the best online learning experience. With the interactive tools implemented in our interactive tutoring platform, students feel more engaged and interested in the classes. With the Q&A tools implemented, teachers are more efficient in guiding students while doing their work. Therefore, all of our off-line classes have switched to online interactive classes during this peroid fighting against COVID-19.

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