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Experience real-time, interactive online tuition classes with the convenience of remote learning.

‘LIVE’ classes with expert tutors.
The same high-quality education experience.


Ask, discuss, and get feedback immediately from your tutor. Get excited about learning with our approachable and passion-filled tutors!


Collaborate seamlessly using virtual classroom tools that make learning easy and fun – from virtual whiteboards to random name-callers.


Students spend hours weekly commuting between tuition and home. Save on commuting times and conserve your energy for what truly matters.


Pandemic or not, nothing beats the comfort of home. Log in from the safety of your home for a worry-free and virus-free learning experience.

Our Teaching Platform

3-Steps To Get Started

If this is your first time attending an online class with us, you will need to get the virtual classroom software up and running first. Don’t worry, it’s easy and you will only need to set it up once!

  1. Install the ClassIn app
  2. Register for an account
  3. Let us know your account and we will connect you to your classes

A New Way to Learn

Triggered by the Circuit Breaker period in Singapore, we wanted to create an online learning experience that was as close to the real face-to-face experience as possible. That means retaining the highly interactive nature of our classes, while maximising convenience and safety using the online medium.

Instead of a generic video conferencing platform, we chose a dedicated virtual classroom platform which includes classroom-friendly functions like the random name-caller, collaborative annotation, points system counter, easy screen-sharing, countdown timer, and more.

Thankfully, our efforts seem to have paid off, as our students regularly tell us how much they enjoy their online tuition classes! Even today, some students prefer the online experience and continue to choose it for their lessons!

What Students are Saying

Want convenience? Want quality learning?

Join us in our interactive tuition classes to get the best of both worlds. Pick a timing from our online class schedule or enquire with us about how our classes work.

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