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* Deposit will be charged only for first time registration and will be fully refund on class termination(T&C applies).
* For immediate clarification, please contact us at +65 68846566 or SMS/Whatsapp to 84577888.

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If you are unable to make it for the scheduled lessons, DON’T WORRY!
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General Questions

Our tutors prepare notes and worksheets every lesson, yet there is no additional materials fee charged. We believe it is the tutor’s responsibility to prepare these for the students.

Yes, we teach both. Our tutors are very familiar with both syllabuses. Please let us know whether you are doing the IP or non-IP syllabus, so we are able to advise the most suitable class for you.

A3: Students are advised to attend lessons regularly and punctually. In cases of absence due to medical conditions or official reasons, please inform the centre in advance.

Each student is permitted up to 3 make-up lessons for a term, with proof of MC or official school excuse letters. Students are strongly encouraged to make up for the missed class so as to ensure they are not behind in content.

The student needs to submit the MC (which certified that the student if not fit for class on the day of lesson) or the official excuse letter to the School by the next lesson. (Medical Certificates from Chinese Physician will not be accepted.)

In case of the absence without informing the centre 24 hours in advance, neither alternate form of teaching session nor refund will be provided (school fees for that particular lesson are forfeited).

You will need to notify the centre at least 4 lessons in advance. Failure to do so will mean you will not be able to get back your $150 confirmation deposit. We seek your understanding the class size here is deliberately kept small to ensure quality learning.

Bugis Branch:

Future Academy Pte. Ttd.

Cheque Payment:
Payee: Future Academy Pte. Ltd.

UEN: 201506565D or scan the QR Code.

Bank Account: DBS 008-903837-0

Butkit Timah Branch:

Nanyang Academy Pte. Ltd.

Cheque Payment:
Payee: Nanyang Academy Pte. Ltd.

UEN: 201725428W or scan the QR Code.

Bank Account: DBS 288-903748-9

School fees have to be paid in advance/upon registration by cash, NETS or cheque (post-dated cheque will not be accepted).

In cases where by there are 3 (due to public holiday) or 5 weeks in a month, Future Academy will prorate the fees accordingly and inform you at the start of each month. For e.g. 4 lessons cost $400. 5 lessons will then cost $(400/4) x 5 =  $500.

If your child were to start after mid-month/mid-term, we will still collect the fees of 4 lessons. For the following month, we will prorate your fees accordingly and you will only need to pay the remaining weeks left in that month. Subsequent months, we will collect payment at every beginning of the month.

Our centre will be closed on all government gazette Public Holidays and there will be no lessons (hence no tuition fees incurred).

During the school holidays, the teachers will be providing holiday programmes for the students. The holiday programmes would include revision or enrichment classes. This holiday programme will help the students to catch up on their previous semester’s work or to prepare them for the coming semester’s syllabus.

We understand students might be involved in various activities during school holiday. Therefore, there would be more flexible schedule during holidays. If the student cannot turn up for class, please inform the centre in advance notice.

We do not conduct trial lessons for students, as we do not believe that a single lesson will be of any benefit to the student. Instead, your child can try out for at least 4 lessons.

About Our Tutors

A1: The team of tutors is led by former Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) Head of Mathematics Department Mr Jason Lau and former Raffles Girls’ School (RGS) teacher Ms Yvonne Chen. We provide high quality tuition in small groups by top level teachers. More about our teachers…

The centre has a team of specialist tutors with extensive experience in Subjects specialised in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Chinese, at primary, secondary and JC levels.

Dedicated, inspiring, committed, and teach with a heart, our tutors boast the following credentials:

  • Top Tutors* in Singapore (ranked by the Asian parent.com)
  • Top JC Head-of-Department/Lecturers/IP/SAP Schools Teachers
  • Singapore National Physics Olympiad Team Coach
  • International Mathematical Olympiad Gold Medalist Coaches.

A2: Top level tutors have deep understanding of the syllabus and know the students’ needs well. They know what kind of issue students are encountering and know how to solve those in ways students can understand easily. Thus our tutors can help students effectively. Tutors in Future Academy have successfully helped hundreds of students to excel in school in providing high quality tuition to them.

A3: Yes, we do. We deliberately keep the tuition class size small to ensure teaching quality. In the small tuition class, tutors can address individual students’ learning needs easily without affecting other students.

In addition to teacher quality, we guarantee small and manageable class sizes where the teacher has time for personal guidance and giving consistent feedback.

A4: Of course! The tutors are all experienced teachers with extensive experience in the teaching subjects and proven track records.

Coaching in Classes

A1: It is also commonly understood that large class size negatively affects students’ academic performance. Qualitative studies consistently support that in smaller classes it is easier for teachers to spot problems and give feedback. Regular and high quality feedback is pedagogically proven to be one of the best ways for rapid improvement. In small group tuition class, teachers also can address individual’s learning needs easily.

This is the reason why remedial or support classes conducted in school tend to be much smaller than the average sized class. This is also the reason why MOE is consistently trying to improve the teacher-student ratio.

Yet surprisingly, many students go for tuition where classes can be just as large as their classes in school. Mass lectures can still work but in the end, your individual learning needs are not addressed. If you need feedback on how to improve, close guidance is still necessary.

A2: Yes, we teach both. Our tutors are all teaching experts with deep understanding of both syllabuses. Indeed, our principal tutors Mr Jason Lau, Ms Yvonne Chen and many other teachers in our team are former teachers from top IP schools and O level schools like Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Girls School, Nanyang Girls High School, Anglo Chinese School, Nan Hua High School etc. Please let us know whether you are doing the IP or non-IP syllabus, so we are able to advise the most suitable class for you.

A3: We have our own scheme of work, followed MOE recommended one. Before major assessments in school, the tutors will do revision with the students to prepare the students for assessments.

A4: In the small group settings, our tutors know the individual students’ strengths and weaknesses very well. We will regularly update the parents on their progresses.

A5: Our tutors prepare high quality notes and worksheets for every lesson, yet there is no additional materials fee charged. We believe it is the tutor’s responsibility to prepare these for the students.

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