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Well-matched to the IP Biology syllabus, our IP Biology Tuition provides the support and guidance you seek to bring up your bio grades.

We know how tough it can be to search for the right biology tutor for IP students. The tutor must understand the different challenges and requirements of the Integrated Programme syllabus. Thankfully, at Future Academy, we provide top-notch assistance to IP students in Singapore, including quality tuition by specialist tutors, with the option of online tuition.

Get personalised and targeted help from ex-IP teachers, highly experienced top tutors, and teachers who have helped hundreds of other students make sense of IP Biology. We bring biology lessons to life through our engaging small group tuition classes, and help you score better in your exams.

About the class

In our IP Biology Tuition, students can expect lessons to follow along the biology topics taught in their school’s IP programme, e.g. schools like: RI, HCI, RGS, NYGH, RVHS, DHS, NJC, etc.

We also offer a few school-specific classes which can match each school’s syllabus and requirements even more closely.

Principles of Biology

Cell structure and organization

Movement of substances

Biological molecules

Continuity of life


Cell Division

Molecule Genetics


Maintenance and regulation of life processes

Nutrition and transport in humans and plants


Co-ordinate and response in Humans

Man and his environment

Organisms and their environment

Class frequency: Every week

Class duration: 2 hours

Tuition fees: $480 per 4 lessons

We hold lessons at our Bukit Timah and Bugis branches. We also have some online classes. Please check our class schedule for the latest timings.

If you/your child is studying in the Integrated Programme, we welcome you/your child: e.g. students from RGS, NYGH, RI, HCI, SCGS, SNGS, NJC, VS, CHS, CGSS, etc.

Our Biology Tuition for IP students is for those who need help coping with the subject or those who want to further excel in it.


Why Choose Future Academy?


6v1 Interactive Small Group Tuition

We make tuition classes more exciting with our small group pedagogy, created to increase interactions and maximise learning. Join us in the cosy atmosphere, comfortable and safe for all students to learn and ask questions.

Adjusted To Your Learning Needs

Depending on your learning pace and the skills or topics you need more help in, our top tutors deliver targeted solutions to help you. No two classes are the same, as we believe in tailoring classes to our students’ needs to guide them in the best way that works.

Experienced IP Expert Tutors in Singapore

People who know a bit of biology are plenty, but few are trained teachers who understand the IP syllabus requirements. Come and learn from the best IP Bio tutors who are NIE-trained, ex-IP school teachers, and subject experts in biology.

Exclusive Study Resources For You

Supplement your studies with the right study notes and practice worksheets that effectively consolidate your learning. Helping you review whatever you learnt in class, these materials are super convenient and specially selected or designed by our own tutors.

See real results.

Our students don’t just have fun in class; they also do some serious learning while at it. Here are some of their achievements after joining our IP Biology tuition classes.

Words from satisfied parents & students

Future Academy is very good tuition center. It is located in convenient place and the worksheets are really good. The teacher will go through the paper after each marking. The teachers are dedicated and clarifies the doubt and encourage the student to ask the question. And helps students with strong skills and and equip with strong academic skills.i would strongly recommend this tuition Centre

– Lalitha Selvaraj

i have just just joined this tuition centre for 4 months and just this SAI 1 skyrocketed from a D grade to a high B and not only that tuition teachers are approachable and friendly with fun lessons yet effective in many ways

– Nguyen Lonh

High quality tuition! The Teachers are very knowledgable in the subject, highly qualified and teach with passion. They are also dedicated and patient. They helped me to improve by 3 grades in 6 weeks by exposing me to various types of challenging questions. I would definitely recommend them!

– Theyvarrthnah Kanagarethinam

FREE Sample Lesson Notes

Many tuition providers talk all sales and don’t give you a clue about how their lessons look like, until you enrol and sit in a class. Not here! Feel free to browse through our sample lessons notes and use it for your revision. If you like what you see, perhaps we may be the right fit for you. 😉

Lesson sneak peek

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