Ms Lee

Ms Lee

  • Specialist in Primary School and Secondary School English and Chinese;
  • Former MOE School Head of Department HOD;
  • Former MOE School English Coordinator;
  • More than 10 years experiences in teaching in schools.
  • Former MOE School Head of Department;
  • Former MOE School English Coordinator;
  • More than 11 years teaching experiences.
  • Master in Education, National Institute of Education (NIE);
  • Post Grad Diploma in Education,  National Institute of Education (NIE);
  • Bachelor in Computer Science, National University of Singapore (NUS);


What Do JC Students Need To Get Into Medical School?

Is it your dream to become a doctor? Being a doctor is a prestigious and coveted profession that can be very meaningful and fulfilling. Many kids aspire to become a doctor when they grow up, but the path to medical school is not for everyone! Getting into medical school anywhere in the world is highly [...]

Parents, How Can You Support Your Child Through PSLE?

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is the first education milestone for children in Singapore, and it is often a source of pressure and stress for parents and students alike. Sometimes parents might be even more affected by the upcoming PSLE than their child, simply because parents understand the weight of this examination – while [...]

Last Minute PSLE Study Hacks For Maximum Results

If your child is about to sit for the PSLE very soon, you are likely feeling the stress like never before. Perhaps your mind is filled with thoughts like all the topics your child has yet to master, their grades which hasn’t seemed to improve even with all the practices and tuition lessons, and the [...]

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