Mr Aiau

Mr Alvin Aiau

  • Upper Primary/Secondary (including IP and Express)/JC Mathematics and Science tuition specialist
  • A myriad of tutoring experiences in Math Olympiad (DSA Math) and Non-verbal Reasoning (e.g. for UK 11+, 13+)
  • Highly dedicated and passionate
  • with more than 20 years of experiences in coaching local and overseas students
  • A focused professional with an active interest in the academics and social development my students
  • Style of teaching and the adoption of new technologies to aid learning will be adapted to each student’s needs and learning capabilities

– 20 years experience in teaching secondary Maths and Science

– Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (National University of Singapore)

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (National University of Singapore)


PSLE Exam Timetable Dates And Preparation Tips (2024)

If you are a parent of a Primary 6 child, preparing your child for the PSLE is probably a top concern for you this year. As the PSLE marks a milestone in their education journey, how you support your child in this PSLE preparation year will speak volumes about your priorities, parenting style, and expectations [...]

Differentiation For JC Students: FREE Summary Sheet & Questions

No one likes differentiation – or do they? If you are a JC student, you probably already learnt differentiation and you may be overwhelmed with the amount of new ‘rules’ in A Level differentiation compared to secondary school differentiation. So many students whine and struggle with differentiation because it CAN be quite complicated to grasp [...]

Study Checklist For Binomial Theorem (Sec and IP Math)

Have a math quiz on Binomial Theorem coming up? Or are exams coming soon and you have forgotten everything you learnt about this topic? Fret not, because we are here with some quick tips – which would serve as a checklist of what you need to know about this topic. If it is any comfort, [...]

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