Joscelin Tay

Ms Joscelin Tay

  • Specialist in A Level Biology
  • A-Level tutor
  • Tutor with 10 years tuition experience
  • Very responsible and committed tutor
  • Experiences with additional focus on H2/H1 Biology, and Diploma in Biomedical Sciences.
  • Taught students from HCJC, ASRJC, YJC, Republic Poly, ACJC, PJC, IJC and etc.

Bachelor Degree

  • NUS B.Sc Hons (Distinction) in Life Science (Specialization in Biomedical Science), Minor in Aquatic Ecology


Insights By Tutors: Biggest PSLE English Compo Mistakes!

The English continuous writing section of the exam is something many primary school students find tough to grasp. As opposed to closed-answer questions like grammar MCQs and cloze passages, writing an entire composition requires not just strong language abilities but also a healthy dose of creativity. This is where many students struggle. It is hard [...]

How Our Primary School Tutors Prep Students For PSLE Oral

Language learning is not just about the written exams – it also involves speaking and communicating well. That’s exactly what the PSLE Oral exams are for, and they take up quite a significant percentage of the overall grade too. So, preparing well for the PSLE oral exam might be more important than you think. Yet, [...]

Prepping For PSLE Oral: Exam Format & Tips For Practice

At the Primary School Leaving Examination (better known as just PSLE), oral takes up 15% of the English grade and 25% of the Chinese grade. It is not simply a component to be ignored! Beyond the exams, verbal skills like articulating clearly and making meaningful conversation are also key to effective communication and relationship-building, be [...]

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