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Chinese/Higher Chinese Tuition Classes

Sec 1 – Sec 4 Chinese Language Tuition
Sec 3 – Sec 4 Higher Chinese Language Tuition

JC 1 Chinese Language Tuition (mother tongue)

Our advantages:

– experienced NIE-trained teacher
– former TOP MOE/IP school
– small class size
– specially prepared teaching materials to tailor to students’ learning needs
– worksheets and notes for every tuition class

Future Academy Chinese Tuition

Our Chinese tutor always aims to make learning Chinese as enjoyable and fun as possible. She designs her program such that it opens students’ eyes to the beauty and sophistication of the Chinese Language. This piques students’ interest in the Chinese Language and allows them to  appreciate its nuances and motivate them to use Chinese more in their daily life instead of seeing it as a mere subject that is compulsory to take. By nurturing your child’s interest in Chinese, he or she will be able to realise and maximise their potential and ability in mastering the Chinese Language.

All Chinese Classes

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